Open Calls

Open Calls

Call for Quotations for Occupational Health and Safety (36 Hours)

1. Organisational Background:

The General Workers’ Union (GWU) Youths is a Voluntary Organisation (VO), which is affiliated and forms part of the GWU. Any GWU member under the age of thirty-five (35) is also automatically considered to be part of the GWU –Youths. GWU Youths is formed by students, employees or unemployed youths. The youths are the driving force for change and equality, a movement which helps to promote a more inclusive and sustainable civil society.

2. Aim of the Call

The course will be delivered to the GWU Youths’ members, which is being nationally funded by VOPS entitled Enhancing Our Core.

3. Course Requirements

The details regarding the requirements are the following:

  • Course Subject: Occupational Health and Safety (preference will be given to accredited or internationally recognised courses);
  • Duration: 36 Hours;
  • Location: Workers’ Memorial Building South Street, Valletta;
  • Number of participants per class: Fifteen (15) participants

4. Instruction to Bidders

Interested bidders may submit their quotations by the 4th of June  2018 (midday);

  • Address: General Workers’ Union Youths,
    Workers’ Memorial Building, South street,
    Valletta, VLT 1103, Malta;
  • Email: or

5. Intellectual Property Right

The intellectual property rights of all documentation and tools developed as deliverables of this project shall belong exclusively to the GWU Youths.

6. Other Information

The 36 hours requested may not be all accredited. The delivery of the 36 hour course may have a number of hours which can be accredited and the rest may be practicals/workshops. For example: 26 hour accredited course + 10 hours of workshops = 36 hours. Classes will be scheduled after discussions with the prospective winning bidder. It is possible that the number of participants invited to attend for any of the training programmes will increase and or decrease according to demand.