Call for Quotations for Wireless Network

Call for Quotations for Wireless Network

Organisational Background:

The General Workers’ Union (GWU) Youths is a Voluntary Organisation (VO), which is affiliated and forms part of the GWU. Any GWU member under the age of thirty-five (35) is also automatically
considered to be part of the GWU –Youths. GWU Youths is formed by students, employees or unemployed youths. The youths are the driving force for change and equality, a movement which helps to promote a more inclusive and sustainable civil society.

2. Aim of the Call

The items will be installed in hall, which the GWU Youths’ use as a multipurpose hall for meetings and other educational activities. The purchase of these items is being nationally funded by VOPS entitled Enhancing Our Core.

3. Item Requirements

The details regarding the item required are the following:

  • Wireless Network:
    A wireless access point is needed to cater for 50+ simultaneous connections. Such
    access point needs to handle both private and public network. The network coverage
    has to cover at least 13 x 6m;
  • Location:
    Council Room, Floor 2, Workers’ Memorial Building, South street, Valletta.

4. Instruction to Bidders

  • Interested bidders may submit their quotations by the 05th of November (midday);
  • Address: General Workers’ Union Youths,
    Workers’ Memorial Building, South street,
    Valletta, VLT 1103, Malta;
  • Email: or or

5. Intellectual Property Right

It is specified that all the material produced and/or purchased under this call is jointly owned by the Contracting Authority the GWU Youths and its key project partner the GWU.