General Workers’ Union

The GWU Youths forms active part of the GWU structure as a statutory association; being represented on the National Conference, the National Council, the Secretariat Committee and other committees set-up ad hoc by the National Council.


ETUC Youth

The GWU Youths is a full member of the ETUC Youths. It participates regularly in the ETUC Youth Committee Meeting and elected representatives on the ETUC Youth Bureau.


UNI Youths

The Section is a member of the UNI Youths. This Federation brings together workers from the services areas of work.


ICFTU Youths

The GWU Youths is also a full member of the ICFTU Youths. The ICFTU gathers all Youth Sections from world wide Trade Unions. The GWU was a founder member of the ICFTU.


National Youth Council

The GWU Youths has been affiliated to the National Youth Council (KNZ) since its establishment and participates actively in the Committee of Organisations within the KNZ. Moreover the GWU regularly nominates members to serve on the executive of the National Youth Council. The Council brings together all national youth organisations numbering more than 30 youth movements.