Why Join Us

Why Join Us

10 Reasons to join the General Workers’ Union

GWU is the largest trade union in Malta, with members from all sectors of work. Being part of the GWU means that you have the full weight of Malta’s leading trade union behind you.

1. You can earn more
Year on year, the GWU wins pay raises for its members. Average earnings are higher amongst GWU unionised workplaces.

2. You get more benefits
GWU has obtained various benefits in different workplaces for its members wherever they work. Benefits among others include sick leave and special leave enhancements.

3. You get more urgent family-friendly policies
If you belong to GWU, your employer is more likely to have family friendly policies, such as parental leave and urgent family leave policies which are more generous than the statutory minimum.

4. You get more and better training
GWU provides courses to help you learn new skills improve existing ones and develop your career. Courses are at reduced prices for members and very often they are held in a central location.

5. You’re more likely to get equal pay
GWU is campaigning to bring migrant workers in line with local workers.

6. You’re less likely to be injured at work
GWU ensures that health and safety procedures and legal obligations are being met by the employers.

7. You’re less likely to be discriminated against
GWU campaigns for tougher laws to make it illegal to discriminate on the basis of religious beliefs, sex, race, age, disability or sexual orientation.

8. You’re voice can be heard on a national forum
GWU is a member in various national boards. One important committee that the GWU sits on is the ‘Malta Council for Economic and Social Development’. In this committee the GWU is there with the other social partners, that is, the employers and the government.

9. You’re less likely to be sacked
Trade union members are far less likely to be sacked on grounds of unfair dismissal than non trade union members.

10. Your quality of life is being looked upon
GWU from time to time embarks on various schemes that enhance the members’ quality of life.